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Recorded at Berklee College of Music, Paden Osburn's composition "Mother" was written as a gift in June of 2017 to her mother for her 60th birthday. Evoking love and compassion, the composition tells a story very close to her heart. SAATB. Sung by Berklee Students. Recorded and mixed by Jeffrey Millonig.Sung by a group of about 25 singers, it is the first work of Paden's that has ever been performed or recorded. SAATB. Sung by Berklee Students. Recorded and mixed by Jeffrey Millonig.

Rise and I'll Follow

Commissioned in honor of Winnetonka High School (Kansas City, MO) choir director Jason Elam's 20th year teaching, "Rise and I'll Follow" was written in December of 2017 to express a positive message to someone who has made an impact in your life. SATB. Video courtesy of Stephen Mattingly.

Zero - paden osburn

"Are you satisfied with what you see?" 

Paden Osburn's piece "Zero" for string quartet and voice points a finger at humanity's treatment of the earth, highlighting key factors in how we are both helping and harming our planet. A passionate plea for change, the piece is meant to be heard by everyone as a call for action.

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