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A New Sound

From singing the blues in the shower at age 3 to writing choral compositions in her own unique style at age 15, Paden Osburn strives to leave her musical mark on the hearts of all she touches.

Paden is a vocalist and composer from Kansas City, Missouri. She recently graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Music Composition from Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts in 2019. Paden moved to Clarksville, Tennessee in the Fall of 2019.

Growing up in a musical family meant that Paden was always surrounded by opportunities and different types of music. One of Paden’s very first musical opportunities was getting to lend her voice to a children's music album when she was just 7 years old (Touched by a Song – Miss Jackie Silberg). 

While performing had always been something that she was incredibly passionate about, Paden’s freshman year of high school she discovered choir. She found what truly made her ears the happiest: choral music. This newfound fascination with the blending of voices in a simple harmonic way captured her heart and inspired her to continue exploring this “new” genre of music. Being a two-time Missouri All-State Choir member (2014 - 2015), Paden then firmly decided that her gift of music was indeed her purpose in life.  At the age of 15 and completely self-taught, she used her remarkable ear to compose, record, and edit new dynamic choral compositions herself. This being a completely new world for her, she created her own custom-made path and used her appreciation of dissonance as well as harmony to produce beautiful original compositions.

In September of 2015, Paden started her musical journey at her long-time dream school: Berklee College of Music. Here her musical ambitions continued to grow, aided by the inspiration and guidance of very talented musicians and faculty she found around her. Utilizing her performance opportunities later at Berklee, she organized two large recitals in her final year. Through showcasing a wide array of what she can do through her first recital, she realized her deep love of writing, arranging, and leading a band. Having grown from being comfortable in the choral world, Paden found a home singing rock, funk, and blues music. An added bonus, she trained her ear so well that by the end of her time at Berklee, Paden had near perfect pitch. She graduated from Berklee in May of 2019 and moved to Clarksville, Tennessee to pursue music opportunities in Nashville and Clarksville. 

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After moving to Clarksville, Paden was featured as a background vocalist on a number of hits since the beginning of 2020, including Mary Clare's "Change the World" and most notably Vanessa Bourne's album "Young at Heart" which debuted at #4 on the Australian Country charts. 

Teaching private voice and ukulele lessons in Boston while attending Berklee, Paden continues to pursue teaching opportunities in Clarksville, TN, continuing to teach private and group lessons locally. She is currently looking forward to the future, lending her voice to numerous different musical projects and collaborating with musicians and students online.

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Everything Paden listens to influences her artistic development in some way. In the world of performance, she would certainly include Etta James, Ella Fitzgerald, Susan Tedeschi, The Beatles, Miley Cyrus, Phish, Lady Gaga, and Sia as amongst her biggest influences. In reference to composition, her notable inspirations include Beethoven, Mozart, Clara Schumann, Brahms, Debussy, Ola Gjeilo, Morten Lauridsen, and Eric Whitacre among more. Paden is also very inspired by nature and by the stories and emotions of others. 

Paden strives to be a unique musician and artist, writing and arranging songs in countless genres and performing in numerous vocal styles. Favored styles in her niche would be jazz, funk, blues, folk, and rock. Her musical sights are set on creating many different kinds of music while filling the world with as much positivity as possible.

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